Sucessfully work from home

With the current global crisis, that is the outbreak of COVID-19, which has led to a lockdown in so many countries globally to minimize its spread.  This means that a lot of work is done from home and if you are one of those who needs to work from home, well there are a couple of things you need to consider. Here are some of the tips that will really come in handy;

What to watch out ?

  1.  You need to stay alert on COVID-19 updates, but do not obsess. There is so much anxiety as you don’t have face-face talks with your colleagues. Check on updates once or twice and avoid misinformation.
  2. Plan your work ahead as a lack of this will overwhelm you since you have to deal with a lot of emotions and family. planning helps stop all the pressure from reflecting on your work.
  3. Set boundaries- There are high chances of you being surrounded by pets, kids, spouse or family at large who may disrupt you thereby you need to let them know you are working or you are unavailable unless it’s an emergency. This way you’ll be more focused.
  4. Create an office space for yourself as it enables you to be the best version of your professional self at home. You can get a whole room or a quiet corner can do. Office space includes getting a desk and a monitor as small screens may limit multitasking and also check with your employer on office equipment policies, don’t forget to ensure your monitor has a good webcam in case of virtual meetings with colleagues. Basically get everything you need.
  5. Understand your employer’s expectations

-As long as you are working from any environment your duty still stands to your employer, gets to know what exactly is demanded from you and what can be offered by the employer.

Keep your boss smiling and improve your productivity ?

  • Set goals or specific work times as they will keep you on track as well as validate your progress.
  • Meet and exceed your employer’s expectations. Well, that’s how you get a raise, on a light note. You will need to keep your employer posted on your progress so that  he/she may not only notice things when they go wrong instead ensure that your work is done as expected
  • Stay in communication so as to keep yourself posted and its also bad to disappear on your boss or colleagues this also enables you to help in supporting company’s mission and is respectful to your employer who gives you the paycheck
  • Practice self-care, yes you have work to take care of but then again you also matter, so keeping yourself in-check is also important, keep clean and have indoor exercises, this will help you nurture yourself. Do not ignore your health so that you also have to minimize the chances of getting ill. Do take rest. Remember you also matter.