COVID-19: Impacts to business

As well as serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 (coronavirus) is significantly impacting businesses and the economy.As continues to disrupt and sometimes even bring numerous business to a standstill across the country, many organisations are offering support especially to small businesses to help them survive the threats caused by the pandemic but business have to figure out how to push through, social media is one thing that is really important to get a grip of since people flood it to get information and purchase stuff, digital marketing is really important,our world right now is really all about technology, embracing it will always be a smart move, from websites to other social media sites, you name it will come in handy you just need a good strategy and a realistic plan, I’ll show you how to thrive in this times

Communication :

Businesses rely on several aspects of technology for communication such as email, Skype, instant messaging, business phones, video conferencing technology, etc. Communication breakdowns can lead to disasters for businesses and employees. Technology can assist in ensuring that you are prepared for even the most difficult communication obstacles.

It’s no secret that there have been some awesome technological advancements in recent years that involve different platforms, communicate with your customers about what you do, the goods you deal in and the services you offer, give them a reason to come back to you, answer questions they ask, be available , it is also important let your employees feel like they are part of the business, be a good team.

Have a plan

Well, if you really want to thrive, you need direction, what’s the use of moving without having a strategy? You need to have a realistic plan and a back up too. Know what you want, how you want it and how you’ll do it, don’t let it be a dead end, you can always look up to a role model or just an expert to have a better understanding of thing, Use this downtime to create your messaging, update your marketing materials and get all your plans in order so you can hit the ground running.It is necessary to take a closer look at the messaging that you currently have about your brand and figure out whether to restructure it or align it to the current situation

Connect when possible

Things are a bit tough now that we don’t have chance of meeting up with new people, thus when you find space use it, updating your website, letting people know what new thing is up, make improvements and invite people to your platform so they know that you are still there and you are still the best at what you do, connecting is important as you make people have knowledge about your business.

Spread positivity

Despite the current COVID-19 environment being less than ideal for business and life in general, it is not all doom and gloom. Communication needs to strike a delicate balance. It should recognise the situation and the challenges it presents while promoting hope and positivity. As businesses, we need to be able to champion a positive attitude and the fact that the current situation is only with us for a while and will surely come to an end.

‘be strong, be calm, and be thankful. As people, we will make it through. As a business, our values will guide us.”

These times are uncertain but we must try and be there for each other. Business might not be doing so great but just figure out what you are missing and fix it remember, pressure is how gems are made.

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    July 30, 2020

    Woow… Thank you, s0 inspiring

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