Quora! One of the best digital market for your business.

Quora is an international question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed and edited by internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. However, just like any social marketing campaign, you’re going to need a strategy.

First you need to create an account and here is how:

  • . Go to the Quora website.
  • . It will ask you to login with Facebook or Gmail or even creating a Quora account directly.
  • . Use anything at your comfort.
  • And you have an account already
  • Try to update your profile in line with topics you prefer engaging with.
  • Fill your credentials so that reader’s get inspired to your profile.
  • Create queries regarding your doubts by experts.
  • Answer some questions so that you can improve your communication skills.

Quora is somewhat unique in that you can’t create a profile for a brand in most cases, only individuals. You’ll need to identify who in your organization will be posting answers.

Here’s your guide on how to use Quora for marketing.

On Quora, you can write an answer to a question from your feed or a question page by clicking the “Answer” button.

You can write answers from the, when you see questions in your and from topic pages.With so many topics on Quora, you’re sure to find something worth talking about. Similar to Reddit, Quora relies on a credit-based up-voting system. The more people that up-vote your answer, the more exposure it gets. On Quora, you can:

  • Publish content like you would with LinkedIn’s publishing platform.
  • Target your questions to specific Quora users to collaborate with industry influencers.
  • Search for specific topics and keywords related to your business.
  • Spend money to get your questions in front of more people.

Why you need a Quora marketing strategy

Quora is a platform for real people in search of real answers. If you help your audience, they’ll support you in return by investing in your products and services. You may even end up with a few new brand advocates.

A question and answer might not seem like the thing but you get to learn and share your knowledge too, you communicate to clients and even people who have really made it big, you get the do’s and don’t, it really builds your reputation too.

What is in for you in Quora?

The platform doesn’t just give you another way to reach your audience. It also provides a sense of direction into what they’re looking for from your business.

Why spend money on expensive consumer surveys when you’ll find out what your customers are asking for on Quora? Questions and answers are an excellent insight into your customers, how they think and what they need. What’s more, if you’re struggling with writer’s block and you need to update your blog, your Quora marketing strategy will help.

If countless people are talking about a specific topic like “How do I increase my platform followers?” you know it’s worth writing about since it is what they are interested in and what to know more about

You can even follow topics on Quora to see what your competitors are doing. Getting ahead of them and actively catering to the problems your customers have ensures that you remain relevant. You’ll learn how to do things, where to improve and how.

Find the right questions to answer

An essential part of learning how to use Quora for marketing involves knowing which questions to answer. There are millions of queries floating around on the platform today. However, not all of them will deliver value for your business.

After all, you want to show people that you’re an expert in a specific space.

One of the easiest ways to find relevant questions is to type a keyword into the query box at the top of the platform and select Search. Once you’ve brought up a list of questions, filter your results to queries from the last month or so. You’ll want to focus on topics that are relevant right now both to get visibility and add your authoritative voice to completely new discussions.

To get the most out of your Quora marketing strategy and build brand presence:

  • Choose topics that fit your business: Look for terms that you’ve written about recently, or a problem that your product/service solves. Any question that you answer with meaningful stats and case studies is excellent for social proof.
  • Find threads with a lot of upvotes: When you’re browsing through Quora, you’ll see an Upvotes section under each question. Threads with a lot of upvotes often have the most views. If you give an insightful answer, it may get thousands of views a day.
  • Answer new questions too: Don’t focus exclusively on the most popular queries. You’ll have a greater chance of filling your profile with evidence of your knowledge if you answer new questions early.

How to answer questions on Quora

After filtering through you’ll have questions of your interest and knowledge, giving answers is not a problem, the problem is, are they relevant? Do they satisfy the question, does the answer stand out? Adding passion to what you do will really go a long way, let people find your work awesome. With Quora, you highlight your position as an industry thought leader, drive traffic back to your website and build valuable relationships with customers.

While there are many tricks and tips to grow your presence on Quora, the most important one to remember is that you need to deliver value. Present yourself as a helpful, knowledgeable resource and your customers will flock to you in search of answers With Quora you just need the right strategy, make your position known, love what you do and it will reflect, Quora will make things better for you and your business as long as you keep tabs, if you hadn’t thought of it I guess you should, it will always bring an added advantage

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