Old treasures: Let us look at some old business marketing strategies that are still gold.

Old treasures: Let us look at some old business marketing strategies that are still gold.

Even as the digital revolution continues to boom, traditional marketing has hardly gone bust, and allied businesses are flourishing too. The most Hi-Tech marketers recognize how traditional marketing techniques hold value and relevance, especially when combined with online strategies.

While some traditional marketing methods are in decline, others are going strong and still others are ruling the marketing world. For the small business owner, TV and radio are costly propositions. In contrast, signage, billboards, and flyers are not just budget-friendly but also effective.

Don’t underestimate the power of hand-outs to bring your business new growth opportunities. Direct mail and business cards also elicit emotional reactions and are more easily absorbed than words on a screen. Message mediums like these evoke strong responses and greater reach for marketers.

Face to Face Interaction: Why Reality Beats Virtual Marketing

Traditional marketing has been around for ages. People are used to it. Traditional methods from signage to networking at events, cold calls and referrals harness the power of human interaction. This really works well, to close a sale.  These are also easier to retrieve than logging onto a visual storefront or a digital calling card online. 

Yes, events IRL (in real life) are beneficial for the customer to jump-start a relationship with the company and to get hands-on with the product. This will encourage the customer to spread word of mouth, which is the most influential and valuable part of marketing because it means more if someone else has something to say from their personal experience and familiarity with the product.

Attending conferences is an important part of our marketing strategy.  No matter how effective your advertising and email marketing are, or how skilled you are on the phones, an in-person meeting is always more memorable.

While trade shows may seem old-school, they are still tried-and-true ways to create strategic partnerships, find initial customers, and meet insiders. While online marketing can have a hard-to-resist ROI, it is no substitution for the face-to-face interaction afforded by trade shows.

The world is changing quite fast but some old strategies are still treasure we should keep, take interest in them and make a step in making that extra penny, it’s never too late.