how to use zoom-zoom

Meetings, video webinar, conference rooms, phone system, chat? Zoom app has got you covered. You might be wondering what it is? Well, zoom app is an application that is a web-based video conferencing tool. It can be used on your desktop or mobile phone. It allows users to interact online with or without video. Its audio, video and other wireless sharing performance are of high quality.

This is how to get started: first download the app then choose the action you need ie. :

  • Join a meeting.
  • Start a meeting.
  • Share your screen.

1.Joining a meeting

  • Go to Zoom us.
  • Click the ‘Join a meeting’ tab, this is on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • If prompted add your designated meeting ID which is provided by the host.

starting a meeting

  • Go to Zoom us.
  • Toggle over the Host meeting.
  • Choose whether you’ll like to keep video chat on or off.
  • Sign in using your login information.
  • Launch the Zoom application and open it.
  • Send out the meeting details, this is the link and the meeting ID.

Sharing a scren

This app allows you to share your screen with an entire conference call.

  • Click on the share screen.

It is also important to note that only one person can use the screen share at a time and while on this the other person must stop sharing.

  • To stop sharing just click on the stop sharing.


  • Zoom app is mobile friendly as it enables you to connect from wherever you are.
  • It gives you priority to safety since its details and passwords are encrypted and it also has admin feature controls.
  • It is free, it does not require any payment unless you want to upgrade and explore more features.
  • This app allows an unlimited number of meetings which means more sessions for you. Not only do you have this as an advantage but you also have meetings at your convenience since you schedule the meetings.

During this time of the COVID19 pandemic, this app might really come in handy as you have the convenience of working from home with a lead from the team. Stay home, slow the spread.