“Life is growth. If we stop growing, we are as good as dead.” ―Morihei Ueshiba 

Being indoors have become our current routine.You probably were not used to spending days indoors and this quarantine got you shipping out for ideas on making an extra coin ? Well , how have that been for you ?Found anything that works so far?

Below are Tips on implementable ways that only needs your dedication and time and might end up earning you a fortune even after this hard times.

1.Earning through blogging.

Blogging is the process of writing a blog, which is an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular topic that would be engaging to readers. Blogging involves a platform where a person or a group of people engage on a particular topic such as food,travel,relationships, politics,lifestyle the list would go on and on… Topics of interest are updated regularly by the blogger as an online journal or an informal website.

Blogging can be based on one’s personal interest hence takes up the perspective of leisure or business oriented.

Something fun about blogging is that it’s free, the only investment is time spent in creating a blog, I bet it already interests you. If you are consistent in blogging and share your content regularly on social platforms to have people know about it. You can start earning passive income by placing ads on the site, and also sell digital products an advertiser can offer you commission upon helping them in selling their products.While if you are obsessed with reading blogs, you should set up one and begin earning money while doing what you are most passionate about.

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2. Earning from E-commerce.

E-commerce is buying and selling goods and services or even transmission of finds or data via an electronic network.

You can easily set up online selling by getting a social media platform, securing it and getting reliable payment methods. You can also get the mobile reach ready, secure a shopping cart and you are good to go.You can also begin to earn by giving services, assisting individuals or companies sell their products or services and earn a commision. However you will need to build traffic on a platform in order to make large sales. You would  really like to start this since it is affordable and you can work from the comfort of your home an still comfortably foot your bills.

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3. Earning from affiliate selling or online selling.

This is simply advocating online payments. Re- selling involves buying products from a manufacturer at a lower price and selling it at a slightly higher price so as to gain profit, you can even offer delivery at a fee or better still you can join an affiliate, find products,promote the products, track sales and earn commission, the more sales made the more the commission earned. Through creating productive strategies you came to make passive income and have this as a side hustle.

 4. Digital marketing or focus on social media marketing.

Digital marketing is an aspect of marketing that mainly focuses on the internet and online based technology such as gadgets or social media platforms to promote products or services. Creation of traffic is vital to connect with an audience to build a brand and in order to make sales. You will need to set up a social media account, have a detailed description on the services you offer, create engaging posts and ensure vigorous marketing is done through ads. Over time this will build your brand and boost your sales. Authenticity and uniqueness will steer you ahead of competition. Consistency will have you paid for digital marketing or having a wide range of partnerships with individuals or organizations. Definitely sounds like a great way to make money, right?

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5. Earning as a tutor.

A tutor,an individual that provides informative assistance to one or more individuals on a certain subject area or skills. Well if you are knowledgeable on a particular field you can get a job as an online tutor by sending your application to online platforms that offer the study, As a tutor you can create your own schedule hences more time for doing other things.Spending a few hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to transfer your expertise on a specific topic or skill to the student.You can use skype to tutor your students or pre-record your lessons. This can have you earning a good amount of money and you will have shared your knowledge.

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